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Default Re: Your LEAST favorite island

Wow...I am blown away by this thread. I am a traveler and have not been to many places that I didn't like. My least favortie would be Grand Cayman but even then it had some nice things about it. I have never felt unsafe in Jamaica and will go back time and time again. I've never been offered drugs or been pulled on. Don't know if this is because of my attitude or because when they see me they think I am from the Islands and don't take take me to be American even though I am. I guess this is one time that being black has it's advantages.

Living in Central Florida and having worked at the very popular theme park of the mouse when in college I have to say that Americans have lousy attitudes when they go on vacation. The things people said and did and the way some treated those of us working there was horrible. We often used to wonder if they decided to leave their manners and home training at home.
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