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Default Re: Re: Making phone calls

Browezilla have you used the Sam's Club AT&T Cards recently in Grand Cayman or Cozumel ?
Those prepaid calling cards used to be a good idea, however the last time I was able to sucessfully use one at either Grand Cayman or Cozumel was 3 years ago. As a sidenote here, we have taken a caribbean cruise each year for the past 7, and always take along the Sam's Club AT&T prepaid calling cards. But I think our luck has run out and the local island phone companies have caught on...
In October 2002 we found that the bank of public pay phones by the tourist booth at the pier in Georgetown Grand Cayman had been removed. When I did find Cable and Wireless public pay phones in Cayman, I could not get out to the AT&T network - like I had in the past.
In Cozumel, Oct. 2002, it was the same story. The AT&T cards used to work there if you found a LADATEL/TELMEX pay phone, but no more. Best bet for Cozumel is to buy a TELMEX prepaid card. You can buy one directly from TELMEX over the internet before you go.
Rate is 50 cents per minute. Check out the prepaid calling card at - or you can buy one from almost any pharmacia in Cozumel. Many local shops sell them too.
A friend of mine just returned last week from a 4-day cruise that included Cozumel. He bought a virtual prepaid card from TELMEX's website before he left. He had no problem finding a TELMEX pay phone and their "card" worked great - actually TELMEX will email to you instructions and a PIN number. Others in his group had the AT&T prepaid cards and could not dial out. They did not stop at Grand Cayman, but the best bet there seems to be buying a Cable and Wireless prepaid card once you arrive, or to use an internet cafe or calling station. In any case, always get the rate beforehand.

At any island, I would avoid all of the pay phones near the pier that advertise "CALL HOME TO THE USA". I have heard that those rates are outrageous.

And as of Oct. 2002, there were no public phones at Costa Maya.

If anyone has any recent experience using the prepaid calling cards - (AT&T, MCI, Sprint, etc) - good or bad - PLEASE add to this thread, and we can all learn from each other.


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