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Default Re: Playa Palancar Beach in Cozumel

Hi! We are looking for the same beach experience.

I understand Cozumel has 2 types of beaches - ones with rocky entrances and ones with sandy entrances. I have been to Cozumel once before on a cruise and we went to Chankanaab Beach which was great for snorkeling but had a rocky entrance and not so wonderful for little children; though they had plenty of activities- dolphins,etc. It was very crowded.

This time we just want to go to a really nice quiet big beach with a nice sandy entrance and not much undertow. I understand Playa San Francisco is nice. We want to hop in a cab and have a nice day at the beach where the kids can just run into the water and enjoy. Would love to hear more on Playa Palancar or other sandy beaches people have gone. I am leery about the "beach clubs" - they charge to get in and I don't want a crowded party scene.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!!
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