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Default Re: Margaritaville - montego bay

I agree.

We went there in March, 2001. Our cruise ship explained to us which taxi drivers to use and what to look out for. Natives will walk up to you, either wanting money or to sell you drugs.

We went snorkeling first with our guide picking us up at the ship. After snorkeling, we caught a taxi taking us to the shopping (?) district downtown. The driver wouldn't go until his van was full. So we had a little wait.

After shopping another driver took us to Margaritaville, then we walked a little further with other cruise passengers to the beach. Afterwards we caught a taxi (which I believe we waited too long to catch a ride), and got caught in traffic with school children and workers. What a mess. I was so scared we were going to be left there! Luckily our dirver got us there in time with no problem.

Our only situation of "fear" was when we ate at KFC after shopping. A lot of people and I mean A LOT of people came up to us asking for money! We had to keep our college age daughters between the men in our group.

Needless to say, Montego Bay is someplace I'll never go again. Once was enough!
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