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Default Re: Margarita Island, Venezuela

Mark, I would love to hear all about your experiences on your cruise when you return.

My friend and I are beach lovers, so we will be visiting some beaches on this cruise. I've been to St. Thomas a couple of times now. So, we will be heading over to St. John's for the day. We will be going to Trunk Bay (maybe an other beach along the way also) and may be have the taxi driver gives a tour of the island. We will be doing this on our own. Much cheaper than the ship's shore excursion to St. John's. In St. Kitts we are going to take a tour of the island and then stop off at Turtle Beach. We will be doing this on our own also. In Barbados we will be visiting the Mount Gay Rum Distillery and then going to the Boatyard Beach Club for the rest of the day. I hear it's suppose to be a fun place to hang out. Lots of activities. If for some reason we don't like it there, we will head to another beach like Rockleys on the South end of the island or over to Payne's Bay or Paradise Beach on the west side. We will be doing all of this on our own. At Margarita Island we will be taking a taxi over to Playa El Agua. I've heard that is a beautiful beach. In Aruba we will be heading to Palm Beach for the day. We may even head over to Baby Beach for a little beach. We did purchase the Kukoo Kunuku Bar Hop & Dinner from the ships shore tours for $69. It suppose to be a blast. I found it cheaper if you went on your own, but unfortunately the tour doesn't get back until midnight or so. Our ship leaves port at 11:00. So we couldn't go on our own on this one. It would have been $55 instead of $69. Anyway, this is what we have planned for the time being. Things could change. I don't know what you all are interested in, but there are many other things to do at these islands. We like to tour islands, but we also love the beaches!!!! We're from Wisconsin, so we just want to get some place warm and enjoy. Also, if any of the ship tours interest you, just do some surfing on the net and see if you can find it cheaper some other way. A lot of times you can find it cheaper. You just need to research it.

Nushnakka, I will be emailing you soon so we can make some plans on meeting on board.
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