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Default Re: Margarita Island, Venezuela

Mark, As far as Margarita Island goes, I guess I will do some more checking on this port. I've read good things and bad things about this port on the message boards. Let me know what you think of this port when you get back from your cruise. As far as St. John's goes, l went on a cruise with my mom earlier this year and we took the ship tour over to St. John's to Trunk Bay. It was absolutely beautiful. That excursion cost between $50 and $60. I can't remember the exact price. Since my mom was older, I felt that this was the best way to get over to St. John's. The only problem with this is I didn't feel that we had that much time at the beach. You're on the tours schedule. I haven't heard of any problems with people going over there on their own. It's cheaper and you are also on your own time schedule not the ship's tour schedule. This is a website that I found on the internet that gives the ferry schedules along with prices to and from St. Thomas to St John's I went to Magen's Bay in October of 2000. They said it was one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. I thought the scenery was beautiful, but the water wasn't as clear as I was expecting. When I'm in the Caribbean I like white sand with crystal clear water...if at all possible. So, I wouldn't go back to Megan's Bay for that reason. I've heard that Sapphire Beach is beautiful. That's the beach I would go to next in St. Thomas.
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