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Sylvia Omoto
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Default Maya Ruins Cozumel- ship tour or port tour

I tried to perform a search on this, but did not see any comments that answered my question. I am sorry if I am asking the same questions.

We are interested in seeing the Maya Ruins in Cozumel. The ship tours seem expensive, but many say for what you get, it's worth it since there's a ferry ride and then a bus ride and it takes a a long time to get there, and there is a guide thru the whole way. . The ship tours says the length is 6 hours.

Has anyone purchased tour at the port from the locals and hire a driver for the several hours to drive to the ruins and back.? Is this recommended? Or this is not safe? Has anyone every done this?

Are you able to explore the ruins or are they roped off?

In my last cruises to Mexico, we hired a driver and had a wonderful time. He would take us on a personal tour and then recommend a place for lunch. It was so much better than the bus tours that the cruises normally sell.

Any comments are helpful.
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