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Default Re: Snorkeling in St. Martin/Maarten

Sue and Jackie - I think your original question was about snorkeling on St. Martin, right? ;~) Anyway... the bottom line is that St. Martin is just not known for snorkeling. The best we've found is at Dawn Beach, which is a great place to hang out for the day but if it is windy (which is common) the water gets churned up, waves break over the coral reef and the snorkeling is poor. In any case, the reef is about 200 feet off the beach so its not a place for a poor swimmer. If it is not windy it's worth going though...I'd give it about a 6 on a 1-10 scale (with any number of beaches on St. John solid 9's and Orient Beach on St. Martin a 1) for snorkeling in terms of coral and fish. If you go to Dawn Beach, have some of those great ribs and a nice cold one dollar Carib at Ms. Busby's for me! Gene
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