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Default Re: Land and Sea excursion in St. Lucia

My hausband and I took the land and sea tour 3 years ago and loved it. The only complaint I had was we stopped in a cove to swim and the undertow was unbelievable. I am not a strong swimmer so I wished they had warned us about it. The rest of the tour was wonderful. We saw the volcano and were offered some goat that was roasted in the steam from the volcano. We stopped at a garden and had a traditional lunch. The bus ride back to the boat takes you through the "real" parts of the island so you will see some shacks and less appealing scenery. We drove by some banana plantations and learned about the local economy. Overall, the guides were wonderful and very informative. If you are interested in learning about life on the islands, this is a great tour. If your interests are in seeing the beach and relaxing, you will probably feel cheated because the beach stop was only about an hour.
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