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Lynne &Trevor
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Default Re: Attn: Carol B, try this

I think I'll attempt the clock tomorrow-Saturday-as I will have more time and will get Trevor to go through the steps with me.I just saw Carol on another board-she is heading out for the weekend and will check in with me about the clock when she gets back.I've just got home from work a little while ago, after the paper jammed in the copy machine and all the ones who know how to fix it were gone for the weekend. After several attempts at rectifying it myself, short of actually killing the machine, I had to call someone who told me where the emergency power switch was. Then, when I got home I realized I didn't have the "clicker" to get inside the gate. I came to the construction gate right by my corner but it was closed, too.So, I got over the chain at the edge and came over and got the clicker.Then went back to the car and went around to the main gate. After those ordeals at the end of the day, I'm not ready to tackle the clock! I missed the Aruba port picture, too, so the KroozeCam is showing open water, again, enroute to San Juan. I swear it's been the same picture up for the last 3 days! Thanks for answering. And, yes, we really enjoyed A-303. It really spoiled us. I don't have too many recommendations.Trevor spent a lot of time in the Casino. I went to the shows,saw some movies,etc, enjoyed my balcony,sat on the promenade deck and watched the water. I'm not a pool person so didn't go in any.Sorry.This is MY vacation each year.Trevor is retired and works around the house. On the cruise, I just want to do nothing,as working in a retirement homes in Activities--I could call Bingo very well-I'm ready to relax!! Bye for now. Lynne
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