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Default Re: Re: Attn: Carol B, try this

Hello Lady's, "Carol & Lynnie and of course spookryder!!!"

Carol I'm very sorry that I wasn't there for YOU today or yesterday, I've been playing catch-up at work and home but I must say, my MY HART was broken when I saw you were having problems however I'm very happy to see that you are shinning again and I'm sure your rays will countinue too shine!!! Tomorrow.

Bye the way Lynnie I love to make spookryder jealous but not as much as I enjoy being with you two beautiful GIRLS.

Ok "Bon Girls" I think it's time too teach "spookryder" the tricks, clock and picture ONLY!!! don't say or teach him any of the TOP SECRET stuff yet!!!
As they say, you learn more from teaching then you do from learning. Give Him your best shot.

p.s. is it just me? our is any one else nervious that spookryder is OUT!!!!!!!!! As he say's!!!


Golden Princess Here WE Come!!!
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