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Default Re: Attn: Carol B, try this

Bon, I am still not working if I message you from work. That all must have popped up from home last night. I am at work now and you can see I have no clock and I am not shinning!!! I have no edit profile or a box for a signature here. But if I go home and get on, then it goes back and puts it in. CRAZY!!!

Lynne, Last night at home I tried to get the picture of the cruise ship to go beside where it says Caribbean Princess but I failed the attempt. It was getting to late so I went to bed. I don't want to delete my "shinning star" but I would like the ship too. I will have to work on it tonight as I don't have to work tomorrow and can stay up later.

As for spookryder he is jealous of all the fun we are having. No, I don't think we should teach him everything, I think we should keep him wondering what we are all up to next!!! I think he has been watching to much American Idol, he might think he is a movie star with his OUT.

Sppkryder when we become more important than chasing Elks let us know and we MIGHT let you in.
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