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Lynne &Trevor
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Default Re: Attn: Carol B, try this

Carol, maybe your computer at work doesn't have the same personal preferences as yours at home because it's connected to the work system.Sometimes you just have the bare basics there that don't allow for all the extras-that presumably take up work time. I know you work all the time--there are some at my facility on the administrative side that have solitaire up sometimes--must be their break!!! Is it your own personal computer at work?
As for spookryder, I think we might keep him guessing until after our final plan,and only if we know that it can only be revealed a little at a time-almost like a scavenger hunt!

Happy Birthday, J Bon-if the number is close to right-I'm not that far behind you!
Now, I suppose I'll have to work at coming up with a gremlin like Carol, to throw spookryder off course. Not tonight though-there are storms moving through every little while and I won't be on the computer late.There is thunder rolling as I speak. (Florida).

Have a good evening. The Bolts are playing in their 5th game of the Stanley Cup Finals-hockey-.Carol, I wonder if Bucsdave is watching.I bet he is. Whoops-the game just started and Calgary scored already. Not good!
Good luck and I hope to see your clock very soon from work! Bye to all--Lynnie

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