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Default Re: Attn: Carol B, try this

Good morning Bon Girls! So Carol, are we to add another well earned and fitting nick name such as "lushes Lips Carol" or is it "Lushes Carol" ahhhhh thats pretend were on the ship "thanks waiter, I'll take both"
Carol, I noteiced that if I'm trying to edit an existing post there is no signature box at the bottom, when your at work is this what you are doing? or are you going too "My Profile" then "Edit Profile" ? Linnie I loved the Rose story!!! tell us more.

Oh ya I live in Park City Utah and my b-day is 2-03-65 (could you Girls help spookryder with his Math)

Have a great day off Carol!!! and Linnie you have a great day as-well but if you go into work don't forget your clicker for the gate.

Got to run.

J Bon

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