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Lynne &Trevor
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Default Re: Attn: Carol B, try this

It is Friday-6:22PM. Yeah, I'm off for the weekend again. I love these 4 day weeks-although Carol already has them working 10 hours a day and getting her long weekends. I'm a "grunt" in the Activities Dept at the retirement center where I work. I do things like call bingo 2-3x a week, do storytelling, music appreciation, memory magic, TGIF Coffee Hour and Tunes,exercises and other things up in assisted living. I also work with the Independent residents in our big Activities Center-a large room where crafts are done, and there's a big oval table in the back where coffee and goodies are served all day. Carol works on the Administrative side in the retirement center where she works in Springfield OH.We only found out we are in the same industry since we started posting on the Boards. I lived in Dayton OH but Trevor and I "retired" down here to Sebring FL in 1996. We'd both held down full-time positions up north-him as a clerk in the post office (retired after 38 years), me-I worked as Director of Volunteers for the American Red Cross in Dayton from 1980-88; then became Director of Outreach for a church (just hung my shingle in a different location) from 1988-1995; then the Lead Teacher for pilot after school care program at another church for a year, followed by getting my feet wet in Activities in a retirement home for 3 months before relocating down here. Trevor worked 2 part-time jobs the first couple of years while I rested.He found my current position posted by our time clock, as he was a night guard there. I got hired, he stayed on a few months . I'm still working after 5 years, and he's retired, again.
My Bolts lost last night in overtime-there was only 5 minutes to go. Now they have to go back to a cool reception in Calgary and hope they beat the Flames or else it will be over.

Carol, have a nice evening.Hubby is waiting to play Scrabble and beat me at it!
Bon-have a good night. Not sure I'll be back on here tonight. My Birthday is Aug. 23-I'm in the first wave of baby boomers.
Talk to you all soon-even Spookryder if looks in! Lynnie (I feel like I was just on "This is Your Life"!!!) BTW I have 2 sons. And-the clicker's in my purse!

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