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Default Re: Attn: Carol B, try this

Good morning Lynne and J Bon. Thought I had better write you early as I am heading out. Going away with my daughter. I was on line this morning and air fares went up. I had not bought mine for the cruise yet was trying to wait it out for a cheaper fare but over night they went up $10 so I thought I had better be getting them. I was also holding off just in case we could not go because of Ashley'd back, but we are going. As she says, if she is having a bad day with her back there would be no different then here. Air fares was running $232 out of Dayton and now went to $242 - $258. I did find US Airways for $237 so I took it. I guess they are going up because of the gas prices. How much is gas where you two are?
Bon as Lynne already knows I work in a nursing home as the Business Office Manager. I have been in this one for 3/12 years and another one for 11. I love it. I am divorced and I am going on the cruise with my 19 year old daughter and my sister with whom I and my daughter are very close too. We lived together for 8 years while we were both divorced the first time, so my sister is my daughters other mother to her and my best friend. She has since remarried and so did I but it did not last. My picker is BROKE !!!!!! My daughter wanted to go on a trip together before she gets married someday and has kids, so here we are with 105 days to go. I am soooo looking forward to the time with her. My daughter and I are very close.

Hey Lynne, have you heard of Troy's Strawberry Festival? It is on this weekend.
Hope you two have a great weekend. Bye for now


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