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Lynne &Trevor
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Default Re: Attn: Carol B, try this

Hi Ashee, this is Lynne. Glad to have another Bon Girl with us! I know you are really looking forward to this cruise, as are we all! My husband,Trevor, agreed last night that we would go on the St.Thomas tour with you guys with Godfrey.She was going to email him this morning to see how we can make sure we're on the same tour. I think you're going to forget about all your aches and pains once you're aboard that ship. I was on a workman's comp thing a couple of months ago. Not as serious an injury as yours, but bothersome, nontheless. Speaking of ships, how about this gorgeous picture of the Golden Princess J Bon put up for us.I was on her in 2001.She is one great ship. I hope he and Spookryder and their families have a good time, as well. I wondered if you were going to ask about J Bon's 20 year old son!!!! Have to go for now.Thanks for checking in.Talk to you next time. Bye for now, y'all! Lynne

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