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Default Re: Attn: Carol B, try this

Hello have you missed me? Just VERY busy at work yesterday and today and tomorrow and went away last night. But here I am tonight. A girl should not have to work so hard. Great picture J-Bon and don't worry your identity is safe with me. What was it again I forgot already. Just kidding. I figured my daughter would ask about that son of yours. We work at the same place and she called my office and said Mom you have to check out what J-Bon said to me!!! Sounds like you had a great weekend. Little work and a little relaxation sounds good to me. Now as far as Lynne finding me a man on board that ship, hope he is rich!!! . I love to cruise you know.
Hey Lynne, have not heard from Godfrey yet but I bet I will by morning. He usually e-mails me back late at night. Your BOLT"S are doing AWESOME. Any scrabble games tonight? Wish you luck. Angie thinks she is QUEEN scrabble player. I wish her and Trevor could play That would be a match now with him thinking he is Mr. King Scrabble and her Mrs. Queen Scrabble.
I miss our little hula girls, but I guess Lynne and I have to share you.


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