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Lynne &Trevor
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Default Re: Attn: Carol B, try this

Hi Guys- I tried to print the BIG GOLDEN tonight but the paper jammed. Part of it came out, the rest is in the printer. Now, I am on and my rose isn't up.Also seem to be downloading all the images for our pictures. I don't know what that's about, but tell me that it isn't because of my printing problems.My printer is off.The Dell is really acting funny since I tried to print JBon's picture. J, thanks for enlarging it for me. I think I might try a smaller version, like a 4x6 maybe. I can't get any of the pictures on the posts, except for Carol's picture of the ship-even the ones she's posted tonight. Ah oh.

No scrabble games tonight. Trevor's at poker. I was at Bunco. I told him about the Scrabble Tournament idea. He says that he and I should play against Angie and her husband. He doesn't like to separate pairs,plus, even at the racetrack he doesn't like to bet against another person in the party-especially his wife or mother. He lost a big winner the last time that happened.

Will wait for more news on Godfrey. Sounds like Trevor's home now.Wait till he sees this printing mess! Ashee checked in and I answered her. Carol, feel free to email me with specifics on Godfrey or anything else. In the meantime ,I'll think about that mission of finding you a rich man on board!!
Goodnight Everybody.I hope I get the pictures back! Lynne (I haven't seen Part 2 of McTarheel's pictures yet)

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