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Default Re: Attn: Carol B, try this

Good morning!!!! Lushes Bon Girl here. Just wanted to say Good Morning and to have a GREAT DAY. I probally won't be on anymore today well maybe I might get on late tonight as I have a funeral to go to tonight and tomorrow, so I wanted to check in.
Lynne, I have not heard from Godfrey yet, I sent him another e-mail this morning. I am sure he will answer me and you will be on. It took a couple of days to hear from him when I added Angie. As far as the tour goes, he will pick us up right at the ship at 9AM and take us to town shopping until 12PM Then we will go on a tour until 2 then to the choice of 3 beaches or coral world until 4pm, then back to the ship. We will really be on the countdown starting tomorrow. I can't wait. I am really getting excited now. I can't wait to meet you in person. Angie, Ashley and I love to go see all the shows, and you are welcome to join us anytime.
Bon, where has spookryder been? Is he afraid of us. Or he can't handle us "Bon Girls"?
Talk to you later got to get busy

Almost there
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