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Default Re: Re: Private Tour Guide Cancelled


And also for being completely overcharged for what you get - a ship tour is also hard to beat.

And guessing that someone will now respond with "I can't see how some people are willing to spend XXXX to take a cruise and then don't want to spend blah, blah, blah."

Listen, money really isn't too much of a concern for me - but I don't like to be ripped. And that is what ship tours are - a rip. I can either spend $89 on a ship tour and share the tour with who knows how many other people, or I can spend $75 for a private tour with maybe 4 other people and get an hour of extra time. Sure you run the risk of the guy cancelling on you, but you run an almost equal risk of something going wrong. Like, for example, on our cruise 2 years ago, the bus driver nearly got us killed - twice! And, the trip (it was to a private island) was absolutely nothing like what was sold to us.

I'd rather take my chances with some hard-working, although obviously scatterbrained, private tour guide then be part of Carnival excursion scam.

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