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Default Re: Orient Beach in St Maarten

Gummy Bear we went there when there was a Disney ship in port and there was still some nudity.
Personally I think the nude thing is over rated, we only saw a tiny bit of nudity and it was not a big deal. It isn't all hot young babes strolling down the beach buck naked you know! We saw a really old wrinkly shriveled up guy in a g string, and trust me it wasn 't a turn on at all!!!!

Kids don't need to think of nudity as something" dirty' especially as it is not presented in a sexual way at all.The few kids we saw either didn't notice the nudity or didn't care. We were not at the " complete" nude end of the beach,so if Disney is worried they should just tell their patrons to go left at the taxi drop off( less nude part)
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