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Lynne &Trevor
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The birthday party went fine. It was a really pretty cake.The "Birthday Boy's" daughter, son and granddaughter were there. It's kind of interesting to see that the son is 77 years old! The 103 year old used to live across the street at our associated apts until his legs got too weak to carry him back and forth. He went into an assisted living apt, but got TOO much attention, and couldn't be as independent as he wanted to be, so moved himself into an independent apt on one of the upper floors.Several of his original apts friends were there along with several from our Tower. It was OK and everyone said it was a great party.
Trevor still needs to bring down the suitcases from over the garage. We both went to Walmart at different times today and bought some things. I even got some D cell batteries that I couldn't get for the last hurricane. I've got some now! I've saved back some things purchased previously, like slacks that I bought at our last uniform sail at work that will need to be washed to soften them up. Between us we have enough clothes that we didn't have to go on a big spending spree.I don't do too much ironing.I'm starting to lay things out on the love seat in the living room until the suitcases come down.
This morning Trevor went out and bought a new chair for our computer desk so this afternoon in the midst of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football game (they lost-boo hoo) we were busy assembling the chair and I was cutting tags off of clothes, taking socks out of bags,etc.
I haven't watched Ivan since this AM before church and then some breakins by the weather guys during halftime, but it appears that Ivan is going farther west than us at this time so should miss this half of the state.There is supposed to be a hurricane preparedness meeting at work at 5:15PM (now almost 4:25), but the Food and Beverage Director who sings in the choir with me at church said that with Ivan's path there probably won't be any plans made for the children/evacuees. We SHOULD have a normal week.
I'm going to see if I can get out of work early-around noon-to get down to Ft. Lauderdale. Trevor doesn't like the idea of having a reservation down there for the night before if he can't take advantage of some relaxation at our favorite places. If we get down there just before dark, then we could just as easily drive down Sat. AM. I thought some of our group who are down there might get together to meet, but I think everyone has their own agenda. For instance. Rich will be taking Fran shopping for last minute items. I know where they are staying, also waterrats(Joe) and James&Rob.
That's it for now. My aim this week is just to get through the week unscathed by either weather or work issues. It's been a long 3 weeks with the Boss gone, and although I have received some acknowledgement of my existance during these crisises, I am still a "grunt". I had to cover our office, make sure the Activities happened,keep things rolling for our big Apple Festival (Craft Fair) and do my own activites for Assisted Living. I'm ready for the cruise because I'm really weary at this point.

Take care. FIVE MORE WORKING DAYS! Hup,Two, Three, Four. We're marching to the rolls of the waves while we're on our Caribbean Princess. Hurray!!!!! Lynnie-ROSE

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