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Lynne &Trevor
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Default Re: BON GIRLS

My,my, we will have been on the Ship two days at this time next week! Better than at home, right? or work!
The good news for today is that schools are in session! I won't have to deal with children today. Children are fine, don't get me wrong, but when they're out of their element, are bored and confined, that's a different story! Our day at work will be "normal".
It looks as if Ivan will provide us with some rain but that's about all. That's great news, but will be working on the let-down after the adrenalin has risen for so many days. There is still an "if" in the forecast down here--"IF the track stays the same......"
Yesterday afternoon and evening I laid some clothes and other things out to take.Some might need to be ironed to freshen them up. I have to take in the pair of pants that Trevor bought yesterday to have them shortened. I assured him that one of the residents could do it-we have great seamstresses and sewing machines in the Activities Room. Or, one of our drivers can do it-she's been sewing and crafting all her life.
Better go for now and check in on the Good Morning Board. Happy Monday, Bon Girls!

(and J Bon!) Lynnie-ROSE

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