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Lynne &Trevor
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Default Re: BON GIRLS

I will be closer once I have the suitcases down to put things in tonight! I'm trying not to think about a phenomonom name "Jeanne", but "she's" on our side of the Atlantic!
I do think we're going to be getting a couple of days of rain and wind here from Ivan's glancing blow, but, the schools are still in session, so that's good news. Watch out for all the rain coming your way this week!
My residents have been asking me everyday how many days I have left until my cruise/vacation. They will be living vicariously through my adventures all week and are anxious to hear all about it when I get back to work. I had a session with my folks 3 years ago after returning from the Golden Princess to the same spot. It was almost a geography lesson.
I gotta go for now. Bon Girls---we are marching forward to our mission!!!-Get on that darn ship!!!!! Lynnie-ROSE

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