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Lynne &Trevor
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Hi J Bon!
I know you have been following our plans leading up to the Cruise. I can feel your presence lurking in the wind!! I'm sure that Trevor will take a picture of all of us. As I might have written, I'll be wearing the Bolts shirt and hat when we board and for the Sailaway Party so I know you'll get a picture of me in it this time! By the way, did you see where Canada won the World Cup the other night, and three of our Bolts were there to help????
I have started to put clothes in my suitcase and Trevor picked up the Cleaning today-so my formal dress is ready to go, along with his sports coat. He also bought the new lighter weight garment bag without all the extra pockets and stuff. I know that if I run out of anything or need an iron that my fellow Bon Girls will come to my rescue-and-vise versa.
Trevor has been following TS Jeanne all day and is skeptical about even getting out of Ft. Lauderdale because of its impending position on Saturday. Keep checking with your TA and the Airlines. Possibilities may be to move up the departure time or wait until Sunday after it's gone by-only theories at this point Bon Girls, so don't freak just yet. Just keep checking. As far as I'm concerned, if we can board the ship I'll be happy to just sit and enjoy it in port for a day or so-and enjoy the ammenities. Cross your fingers that the group that is out this week can get back. Carol, RayB from the People Board has his daughter out there THIS week on our ship.
I'll close for now. Angie, are you taking your Scrabble Game? We may take our old, flat board and old tiles-easier for traveling.
Take care, Y'all. Lynnie-ROSE

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