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Lynne &Trevor
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Hello, it's almost morning! If I stay on the computer another half hour I can be the first to post the good morning thread for a change!
I didn't get home from work until 6:35PM. I had an activity that kept me upstairs until almost 5-started at 3 but had to clean up the room, change activities signs on 2 and 3 for tomorrow, hug and talk to my residents, etc. Then I had to wash out the punch bowl, put cookies away, etc etc etc when I got downstairs. It was the 90's Club. After that ,I cleaned up the Activities Room and it dawned on me that Maintenance hadn't set up the chairs for the movie tonight, so that had to be done. The last thing I did was clean off my desk -tidied it up so it looks decent while I'm gone and it will be neat for the Boss-we share an office.
Tonight i've been packing, and Trevor confirmed our itinerary on the Princess Website-we will be going West-Cozumel, Ochos Rios, then Nassau. We saw it on our Roll Call Board first and then he went in to verify it. However, Jeanne's track is being monitored so Princess can change back to the original plan at anytime-before we leave. They're worse than the Hurricane Forecasters sometimes but I guess they have to cover all bases. At least we're going somewhere!
I've been packing for both of us tonight. Trevor is a shorts, t-shirt, sandals, baseball cap sort of guy so didn't think he had to take much more than that, plus a suit to wear for formal night. He's not going to be overly formal but will have a coat and tie.I'll probably be overdressed next to him, but he likes to see me dressed up, especially wearing the dress, wrap and jewelry he purchased for me for these trips. He's in bed already.

Tomorrow is a TGIF Coffee Time-believe me, it won't be over an hour as usual-probably a half hour as I still have loose strings to tie before I leave.When I hit the door, that will be it! Just suddenly whisper in my ear that I need to be gone by noon.

We'll be in Ft. Lauderdale between 3-4 if we leave here at 1PM.At least we'll have a few hours of daylight to do our thing. I'll try to post in the AM. If not-have a great flight down. You'll know me by my Bolts Hat, and Trevor will have either a red, blue or black baseball cap that has a big USA on it! We both wear glasses as you've seen in our pictures. Goodnight! Lynnie-ROSE
J Bon- you are wonderful! Thanks for all your support!

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