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Default Re: Scuba in Cozumel for certified divers?

We dove with Eagle Ray Divers last year from a cruise with Holland. I had prearranged the dive with them and when we got there, we found it was just my wife and I directly with Antonio. My wife had been certiifed at one time but had not kept it up and we both had done a resort course about a year before that in St Lucia. He went through a refresher with us and took us out for two different dives of about 45 minutes each. Even though we did not go below 30 feet or so ( since we were not certified) they were spectacular. At the second dive we came across another dive group of 15 or 20. He guided us across an small open area to move to a different reef. He told us later he figured that we would rather see the undersea wildlife rather than other divers. We appreciated that. Plus we got to see a gorgeous ray on the way over to the other reef.

We had a great time and can only image what diving there would be like as certified divers. I would recommend Antonio and Chellie.
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