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Hubby was not interested in swimmingwith dolphins at all, so he was more than content to be an observer for $20. It enabled him to take 100+ pictures of my swim and he was still close enought to communicate with me easily during the program. The $20 included his roundtrip ferry ticket with me. The wetsuit kept me warm just fine - it was 79 degrees that day. 2:00 swim program.

We took a taxi to the ferry terminal on Paradise Island. $10 plus $1 toll. Took maybe 5 minutes. Then got our tickets (prepaid months earlier) and waited for our ferry to Blue Lagoon. On the way back, they told cruiseship passengers to stay on the ferry as they would be returning us to the dock. Great view of the ships coming around that way, plus it saved us the $11 to get back (and cars looked really backed up on the bridge - it was close to "rush hour").
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