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Default Re: Departing from San Juan

I've also read the recent reviews from cruises out of San Juan, especially on Destiny. I think someone said the local people got a great price so the ship was full of wild kids. You want to go in summer too, so there will be more young people on any cruise you book. I believe cruises do take on the flavor of their port city, so cruises from here do have a Latin feel. Personally, I like it. That's why I travel to the Caribbean! It's just not everyone's cup of tea. We took Norwegian Majesty out of Boston in Aug.2003 and that cruise had a lot of destructive, unsupervised teens on board who caused quite a bit of damage, so it can happen sailing out of anywhere, even us stuffy Bostonians.

If you have already been on Navigator, then you will love Adventure. It's one of RCCL's quintuplets and is exactly the same. Also, the itinerary is terrific! Happy sails.........
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