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Default Re: problem with prostitutes in ocho rios?

I have never seen or been approached by a prostitute in Ocho Rios. You may get the occasional guy wanting to know if you are looking for Ganja but a polite no and a smile is usually all it takes. We love Jamacia! The people there are very poor and desperatly try to make a living but that isn't their fault. We treat the locals like we wish to be treated, with respect, honesty, and friendliness and humor. So far they almost all respond the same way in return and most treat us wonderfully. My wife like to tell the story of when we were at the strawmarket downtown and expecting to walk back as usual actually spent all our cash. I was having serious problems with my ankles and feet at the time and it very quickly became horribly painful to walk more than 100 feet at a time without having to sit and basically cry for a minute. A local taxi driver say this and asked is we were going back to the ship. My wife said yes but we had already spent all of our cash in the market so were just going to walk but thank you. The taxi driver stepped out and helped me to his cab and said "no charge mon" and took us to the front gate. There are really some great people in Jamacia.

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