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Default Re: Radiance Bon Gal

Good morning Lynne and Bridget. Bridget glad you had a good time on your cruise, and Lynne glad you have one booked again. You need to get your clock going!!!! I wish I could go but, not after 2 back to back cruises. I am afraid I am done until next year. I have been looking at them though for next Jan. I love getting out of the cold. I am going to book one and take Ashley and Dustin. It will be their Christmas present. I have been looking at the Caribbean Princess or the new Carnival Valor. It was out for it's 4th sailing when we were out this time. She loooked fun, plus the had adjointing rooms which would be nice. Stll researching.
My party Sat. was fun. There was about 60 people there. Ireally felt loved, we had a good time. Some of my friends came dressed all in the red and purple for the red hat club, big hats and all. It was so cute. Really had a good time.

Hope you have a nice Valentines Day.


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