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Default Re: Radiance Bon Gal

Lynne, Glad you have your cruise booked. Isn't that the one Joe and Kelly are going on? You will have to keep a eye on him. Maybe you eill get to stay out extra again. I have been looking for next January. This time Ash and Dustin will go. Actually I am thinking of going in debt and taking the trip of my dreams to Hawaii. I have looked at cruising but am thinking of doing land so I can see more. You are only on each island one day for a cruise. Still trying to figure out which is best. When I look on the boards people say they which they did land instead of sea so they would have more time. I would miss that pampering though. We will see. Our Director of Nursing is there now so she is checking things out for me. She goes there a lot. Anyway glad you are booked, now get that clock running!!!!


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