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Default Re: Radiance Bon Gal

I'll work on it this weekend when I have more time! I still have the examples and I do remember where to go to get it done. It will look good on my post again.
I think I remember seeing that Joe and Kelly will be on our ship Oct. 8. I'll have to check our thread again. He originally had been thinking of an RCCL cruise but then changed his mind. It would be nice to see a familiar face even in passing or sitting by the pool. He loves those $5 beers, pool games and Skywalkers!
You might have seen on the other board that after investigating the Star Princess for Oct.9, Trevor ultimately decided after talking it over, that we'll just stick with our original plan. The deposit's been paid, we are in a good position for an upgrade and we'll be going East instead of West. Why monkey with it!! Hawaii sounds terrific.If we could get to there without having to fly somewhere, we'd consider it!!!!

There is the distinct possibility that we'll be up your way the week of May 21-29-our other vacation week, which is also the week of our anniversary. Instead of an expensive cruise then Trevor said we could drive up to Dayton and surrounding area to see my boys, some of his family and FRIENDS! Maybe we could all meet at Dominic's one night-May 26- or sometime that week. The Memorial Day Holiday is at the end of that week which would give us an extra day to get back! I hope it works out!!

Better go for now and say hello to the other folks! Trevor got a key to the safe yesterday so he can get out his own cash drawer. That is an optimistic sign!! Love,Lynne

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