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Lynne &Trevor
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I got a surprise today. Trevor bought me a new Nissan Sentra car! My Buick was about to roll over, with about 130, 500 miles or so on her. We'd been talking about it, then backed off. But with me gone with the Chorale all day, he had to have SOMETHING to do. It's real cute and he got a great deal on it.
Trevor was feeling cocky the other day and said maybe we'll take a May cruise AND the Oct. cruise. At the moment, "money is no object" while he's still at the bank. Even if he doesn't stay at this one he feels confident enough that he'll get a position at another one. I always expected that Ashley and Angie would go along on our night out up there. Any final plans won't be put in place until it's a reality that we'll be going up your way.I hope we do.
It's after 10PM and it's been a long day.My legs ache from standing on heels. The performance of the Barbershop group and our chorale was good today, but we were only on stage alone for one 1 1/2 minute song, and then joined the Barbershoppers for the final number-Battle Hymn of the Republic (Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory......). We did get a supper break from 4:15 to about 7:45PM. My ride picked me up at 7:15. We sang at the 2PM show, too. Were there at noon and didn't get on stage until 3:40PM.

Good Night for now. Lynne
PS Checked into the countdown clock-printed J Bon's directions but still must remember how to get back to "Edit Profile".

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