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Lynne &Trevor
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Something interesting just popped up! Our former next door neighbors who are now back living in Uruguay will be cruising on the Royal Princess around the tip of South America in a few days. When we mentioned that we'll be cruising in Oct. Jorge emailed back that they might be interested in joining us, and wanted the particulars. I emailed them back and he has already contacted one of our local travel agencies with whom they do business-even from Uruguay- to get them a price for an oceanview cabin for that date. This couple treated us to our first cruise on the Sun Princess in Feb. 1998 and we've been cruising on our own since Oct. 2001. WOW. Jorge wants me to call the gal at the TA to confirm that she received his email.
They were wonderful hosts to us on our cruise, and have become very dear friends. Jorge and Trevor have had many interesting experiences together at the Racetrack, Jai Lai, just eating at a restaurant in a marina. They are like Grumpy Old Men. They enjoy each other's company, but then will back off for a few days when one of them gets in a huff. <VBG> . I used to follow Beatriz around the Mall and Walmart for hours. She had the money and I didn't, but she introduced me to the fact of never buying anything at full price!!
I drove my new car to church this morning. It's a nice little thing. I told Trevor to get a picture of it so I can send it to you,Carol, and my boys.Bridget, if you want one, I'll send one to you, too. I'll be in it, so you can see what I look like. Anyone else???

Take care. We just came back from eating a full meal at the smorgesbord place. Trevor is now taking his nap!! Bye. Lynne

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