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Default Re: Re: Radiance Bon Gal

yes! I would love a picture. I feel like I have gotten to know all of you through these threads.
glad you got you clock up. that is always nice to have a reminder of an upcoming cruise!.
I really need to book a cruise! work has been sooo busy since I got back and I have been eating like a pig. I need to have something to look forward to to get me motivated.
Right now between work, my 3 dogs, taking care of my parents sick dog and my dad getting ready to start chemo again I am drained!
so remind me again of your Oct 8 details, is it the Princess Cruise line you are going on? do you have good weather in Oct? I thought that was hurricane season.
I usually go between january and april.
well gotta go. I have to package up my necklace from Cardows in St thomas, I have been buying from them since 1982, and never had a problem, until this last visit.
Oh well, so far they seem very responsive to help out.
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