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Default Re: Radiance Bon Gal

Yes, Bridget, we are going on the Caribbean Princess on Oct 8 to the Eastern Caribbean. We were supposed to go there (with CarolB+family) and others who we met through our roll call, but got diverted west at the last minute. On the way back from Mexico we stopped at Grand Cayman to deliver water and other supplies after Hurricane Frances. All the other ships went East as scheduled but I guess it was our ship's turn to stop with the supplies.We "ran into" Hurricane Jeanne on the way to Nassau-the last port and then had to "cruise" along Cuba for two extra days.

We were thinking of a different ship this time, the Star Princess, but it is just returning from a transatlantic cruise on Oct.9, but is going western Caribbean. There is absolutely no roll call for it that I could find, and after posting on the transatlantic thread have found that at least one person is staying on to continue the voyage.So, we gave up and stayed with our Caribbean Princess. She will feel "comfortable".
It still will be hurricane season, but later- we have cruised in the same week in Oct once before to the Eastern Caribbean with no problem and two cruises Western in Sept with no problem.This was a freak year.
You and Carol will indeed get a picture of the car once Trevor takes one!! With him working now and then getting on his blackjack site to relax, it's been hard to pin him down.

Must run. It's getting close to 8AM. It sounds as if you have your hands full, Bridget.
Good Morning, Carol. Love to the "Girls". Bye. Lynnie-Rose

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