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Default Re: Re: All Inclusive beach in Cozumel??

I was just there last week, they did offer me the wristband as soon as we arrived. My son and I used the kayaks, they did not charge for him (he's five), they kind of let us know if we used the loungers and umbrellas we should order drinks, etc. but they did not push it. We did eat lunch there and spent 50.00, well worth it!
Don't get the nachos, I did not like the salsa but all other food was heavenly. I drank a coke with ice and did not worry about getting sick. The place was clean and well run. The bathrooms were clean also.


Did I mention how blue the water was? Oh and a nice long pier with ladders at the end, you could climb down and swim and snorkel, snorkel stuff included in your 5.00 wristband. Not a lot in the water to see though. Who cares, it was Paradise!
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