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Hi everyone,
I have as another has said, been lurking quietly behind the pages. I have learned so much from all of you. My husband thinks I'm crazy doing all this research, he's a fly by the seat of his pants kind-a guy!!

Anyway, we are planning our very first trip for Mariner on 1-29-06, westren caribbean. I have been hearing ALOT about Peat (Pete) and Capt. Marvin. Without any luck I can't seem to find these guys or their websites. Can anyone help??? And as long as I am here, everyone seems to be refering to the "Aft" in all the talk, is this the better of the rooms??? I thought I read someplace that the "aft" has engine vibrations?? I can't seem to keep all this stuff straight!!!

Well thanks in advance for all the help I am about to get!!!! I'll keep reading and you all keep sending!!!

Thanks so much,
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