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Default Re: your LEAST favorite caribbean destination?

Nassau was the least enjoyable stop on our cruises, but with a wife like mine, she knows how to make the most of it with the shopping and the tourism. Not saying it is a bad place, just for family we enjoyed the least.
On the other hand, I have to agree with Papa,, St Maarten is the Best place to stop and shop, enjoy the beach, enjoy the culture. Having been there and walking back on the beach after a year removed from our previous cruise, Walking up to the same beach bar, and the owner of the bar remembering that I was a fellow New Yorker, surely made our vacation more memorable.
We are changing our venue this year to some new islands, can not wait, finally under th 90 day ticker (lol)
There is not and insland down there that is not fantastic and amazing to see and enjoy, as always its what you make of it, not what others think of it. Happy Cruising


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