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Default Re: your LEAST favorite caribbean destination?

Least favorite, Jamaica. Yes, there are beautiful places all over the island but safety is still an issue. My last trip to Dunn's River falls the locals artisans were angry about their stalls being relocated and they rocked the bus and while I didn't think they actually could roll us over it was very unsettling, never the less. On our last bamboo rafting trip in the mountains our raft driver/guide was totally stoned, as were most of the guides who hurridly finished their joints as the patrons were loading. Our guide then told us sad stories about his children and sick mother the whole way down the river trying to garner money for his cause. Some of the best underwater diversity I've seen snorkeling is in Jamaica but you still have to fight off the dope-selling, hair braiders to get about. I certainly wouldn't reject a cruise because of Jamaica as a port of call, I just tend to enjoy the peace and quiet of the ship that day.

Papa Bill, thank you for pointing out the good things about so many of the ports. I too, am often puzzled by people who seem to care for nothing but bars and shopping, but hey, they paid their money so they can go or not go where they please.

One of my favorites is Tabayanka Beach in Roatan. You can get a terrific massage on the beach beneath a palm tree for $30 or so. The same is true of Costa Maya, which I happen to like even just sitting on the "beach" listening to a nice little band and staring at the beautiful horizon. Uno mas cerveza, por favor.
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