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Default Re: Re: your LEAST favorite caribbean destination?

Aruba. Orangestad and the hotel districts definately built up and commercial.
Lush tropical island??? Absolutely not., Aruba is aa arid climate with only 8 inches og annual rainfall. But , despite Natalie Hollaway, Aruba is safe and friendly. Beaches may be busy but they are clean, safe and active. Snorkelling is great if you do the wrecks,
or the rocks offshore Baby Beach or the beaches beyond the highrise hotels.
This is a small island and due to arid nature did not have 500 years of colonization like many others. However, Natural Bridge, Natural Pond , Baby Beach, several Indian Caves and the barren north/eastern shores are natural wonders.
Expensive?? Aruba probably has the second or third best shopping in the Caribbean and many like it more than St Thomas and St Martin. Food is reasonably priced , excursions, due to competition are a bargain and island transportation by bus costs a dollar. There is a private Island operated by Depalm and another operated by the Renesance Hotel. Both are idealic day visits.
In contrast to comment above, Aruba is probably my second favorate Caribbean/ cruise port stop.
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