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Default Re: Re: your LEAST favorite caribbean destination?

Don't want to debate Natalie Hollaway here. The Aruban Government and the people of Aruba have bent over backwards to find Natalie Holoway. Literally the entire country has turned out to search, they have invited in law enforcement from a foreign country and investigative and search teams from a foriegn country. One sick perverted young man does not make for a bad country. What are they supposed to do, put the kid on the rack? Can't do it here or there.
Natalie Holloway's own actions ,as were those of her friends, chaparones and even her parents were contibutory to her disappearance. This could have happened in a local bar in Birmingham (except she probably would have been better chaparoned ).
Aruba is a premiere cruise and vacation destination, Natalie Hollaway and the US tabloid press not withstanding.
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