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Default Re: Re: your LEAST favorite caribbean destination?

After many, many trips to the Caribbean, there are a few islands that I will skip and spend a relaxing day on a near-empty ship.

Islands I will skip:

1) MARGARITA ISLAND - Absolutley nothing within 45 minutes of the ship's pier. Flat, arrid, no historical sites, little shopping, crumby beaches, BLAH!

2) GUADALOUPE - Unfriendly to hostile shopkeepers, towns lack charm, urban blight

3) NASSAU - Crowded and uninviting downtown, nothing much that interests me on this island.

Some islands that some have "bashed" here that I enjoy are Jamaica, Cayman and Aruba. Also, mixed feelings on Belize (Belize City is kinda scary, but the countryside is pretty).
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