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Default Re: your LEAST favorite caribbean destination?

Worst place was Montego Bay Jamacia. Very pushy, very lazy, people the staff at the Quality Inn put us on the wrong bus twice, everything is answered" No Problem Man" but when they gave us a pay taxi and told us it was the free shuttle bus that was the last straw! T hen there was the local who wanted to braid my hair she bugged me for days till i finally agreed, then insisted she must come up to my hotel room and do it! Well im not an idiot asking to be robbed so I refused. The staff at Dunn's River falls did nothing to help a very obese, out of shape woman climb the water fall instead my boyfriend got stuck helping her left me alone and I fell and cut myself on a rock, then the staff wanted a tip for thier non service. Also ate a mystery burger, tasted like a rat or something not beef for sure. I could go on and on, beautiful island, poor work ethic, pushy venders who follow you down the street and grab at you. Only one local was real nice he said the others give the island a bad name, he took us on a private snorkle tour for just $12 a person just me and my guy. He was wonderful too bad the rest of the island has far to go.
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