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Default Re: clothes for the med in July

We are cruising the Grand Med in June. I have thoroughly enjoyed scouring the internet, message boards and cruise reviews over the last 10 months and have come up with the following:

In Istanbul, Venice and Florence (or anywhere you will visit cathedral or mosque) you should consider dresses or shirt and blouse (knees & shoulders covered), men should wear pants (light cotton khakis) in those ports. Everywhere else MODEST shorts are OK. Another reason for dresses in Turkey, Greence, the Balkans and occasionally in Italy or France, you'll encounter Eastern or Turkish-style toilets --especially in bars, cafes, and modest restaurants. These flat ceramic fixtures are recessed into the floor.

We will be taking a night time tour in Istanbul and our guide advised us that shorts and/or tennis shoes were not recommended at night.

Also, came across the following when researching security: Avoid becoming a prime target for thieves. Choose your travel wardrobe carefully, eliminating bright colors and fancy jewelry. The smart traveler wants to remain as inconspicuous as possible.

I have copied some other information to word documents that I would be glad to attach to an e-mail to you. If you would like this info - just e-mail & let me know.
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