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Default Re: clothes for the med in July

Jeans and shorts are inappropriate for such USA cities as NYC, less you live there, and most inappropriate for Europe. So is the baseball cap and the tee-shirts that say "GO YANKEES (or whatever your team is)". Anyway, I suspect that you would roast in jeans in the Med in July -- the sand was so hot in Oct one did not walk on the beach (there were special pavers for walking paths between chairs).

Re the dresses or skirts -- I have never taken any. Several pairs of black, or navy, and beige linen or silk slacks will take you everywhere. And that includes churches in Florence, Venice & Rome; and actually we were not asked to cover our heads even in the Vatican. Just avoid sleevless tops with plunging necklines. A sweater or light jacket that will work as a rain-repellant too. Only what jewelry you are will to let go ..

For your husband: as previously posted, light cotton khakis or dark Dockers with collared shirt -- either a solid color knit or even a white short-sleeve cotton (but tie and jacket are not necessary) -- work well.

Most important:the hidden money belt.. Next Most important: good shoes. Remember the streets will most likely be cobblestones, and often not cemented down. My husband has a problem ankle and the best support for it is in a shoe that looks more sneaker than dress -- it has never caused us to be mugged or pick-pocketed. Actually the minute you speak you tell everyone "American". That's why the #1 Most Important above.

I would add a hat (straw) since even in Oct the sun in Ronda was so strong I bought a straw one there. In July your Med sun could be quite strong. Actually, buying one there might both answer the need and give you a trip memory.

Enjoy your trip.
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