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Default Re: Re: Golden Princess 15 day cruise, Venice to New York Ci


I was amazed as well for the airfare from Cleveland. The cost from Princess is about $900. (My roommate is coming from LAX and that was about $1100 for air.) When I checked out airfares on my own, the lowest I saw (online) was about $1200 with the dates needed. Last year when I travelled with a Perillo tour, the air add-on was around $600 for a full round trip (Cleveland to NYC to Rome). So I was kind of surprised to hear the $900 from Princess for the air portion. There might be some deals out there somewhere that would offer lower airfares, but I couldn't find any. Another thought is that if I had booked the trip earlier, I might have received a lower airfare. My cruise was booked with Princess just about 3 weeks ago. I might have missed out on the cheap seats on the plane!

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