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Default Re: Carnival to cancel 3 guest rooms...

Kuki & Jim -

Just so you know, and the rest of you as well -

I spoke to Carnival yesterday regarding this issue. If you look elsewhere in this forum you will see our post regarding an "Incredible Upgrade!".

The reason we received this upgrade is BECAUSE Carnival's upper management has made a decision that they will no longer allow a Rollaway to be placed in a cabin with only two beds. They plan to implement this FLEET WIDE throughout the coming year. Since we had already booked 3 in each of two rooms, they gave us the FREE upgrade to Category 12 Suites. I doubt very much they would have done this if they were not implementing this new policy, don't you think?

Kuki, you stated:

"not allowing rollaways is quite different than not allowing a 3rd person in a room"

How do you figure? Where would you expect the 3rd person to sleep if not in a rollaway? On the floor perhaps? Standing upright in the shower? I think your comment should have been a little more thoughtful and thought out.

Cabins that have uppers built-in will still allow multiple guests as everyone would imagine. Jean did not say they were removing all uppers and no longer allowing guests to sleep in them. The only cabins that are effected by this new rule are 2-bed cabins.

Here is the name and direct phone number of the person I spoke to at Carnival if you would like more information on the subject:

Tiffany - Guest Access Services
(800)438-6744 ext. 23014

Hope that clarifies this -



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